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ARC Guidelines

Welcome to Leatherwood! If you are reviewing these ARC Guidelines, you are either interested in building here, or are looking to improve your property for the betterment of yourself and the community. In either event, your Architectural Review Committee created these Guidelines to be an easy to use resource – so your questions would be answered in one place with a clear and easy to understand process.

The Leatherwood Mountain Property Owner’s Association, Inc., as successor Declarant, will not honor any prior approvals (whether for lot combinations or subdivisions, for ARC approvals, etc.) of any previous Declarant as to use of any member’s property, unless such approvals have been documented in writing and submitted to the POA prior to any Member or Member’s service provider, as of the date of these guidelines, performing any modifications or work on property. It is the intent of the Leatherwood Mountain Board of Directors to bring certainty and uniformity, to the extent possible, to the approval process for all ARC, lot combinations, lot subdivisions, and other aspects of property use by publishing these Guidelines and Requirements. View Complete ARC Guidelines