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The assessments are due by January 31 and they are delinquent after March 31 of each year.

Annual Assessments
Lots – $832.00
Lots with a structure (house, barn, etc) – $1,664.00

Please remit your payment to the following address:
Faw & Associates
1702 W. US Hwy 421, Suite P
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Penalty for late payment:
Any dues that remain outstanding 30 days from the date due, monthly finance charges at an APR of 18% will be added to the outstanding balance due. Furthermore, a lien will be filed against property with delinquent dues to collect the dues owed. If a lien must be filed, the property owner will be responsible for attorney fees and costs incurred in connection with the filing of the lien.

If you have financial issues, please contact us BEFORE the due date. The Board will strive to work with property owners who contact us.

It is your responsibility to inform the Board or our accountant of a change of address.