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Volunteer Adopt-a-Trail

Your POA is creating a volunteer “Adopt-a-Trail” program. An individual or a family may select a favorite trail or a section of trail to hike, do minor “touch ups,” and report downed trees or other necessary repairs. (This is not a substitute for the maintenance of our trails—but a method to enhance the enjoyment of all who use our trails.)

As a trail steward you would inspect your adopted trail for litter, fallen branches, downed trees and water damage. If able, remove litter and trim back encroaching or overhanging vegetation. If reasonable effort cannot correct the situation, please report it.

What to take with you as you hike your trail
Trail map
Branch trimmer
First aid kit
Work gloves
Trash bag
Small notebook with pen for making notes to report (location and needed repair, if necessary).
Please email info@leatherwoodpoa.com to report concerns, unsafe conditions or trees blocking the trail.

Pick up litter
“Throw” branches off the trail
“Throw” loose rocks off the trail
Report any hazards
Enjoy “your trail” and the other fine trails and all that they offer

Please volunteer your help to your POA keeping Leatherwood Mountains the SPECIAL place that it is. Contact info@leatherwoodpoa.com. Thank you!